Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Healthy lifestyle...

Nowadays, many people easy to cheated with many disease. This disease to attack not to suppose with stage of age. Sometimes, the children easy to cheated with many dangerous disease even the age is young. Maybe this problem is start from they bad lifestyle. Now, parents is leading role with to inform they children what is important with healthy lifestyle.

What is important things is parents must to be a good leading role for their child to carry out the healthy lifestyle with start from our the dish. For the dish the parents must to give advise your child to eat a some food is suitable like eat more fruit even in our dish. Replace your snack or junk food with some having a nutrition like sandwich that add them with some extra veggies. In your dish try to eat low fat or fat free with to switching a skim milk or fat free yogurt and this can change too much in your diet.

Healthy lifestyle cannot be successful without some exercise. This is a important things in healthy lifestyle. It can start with some easy exercise like once a week just to do something little more activities with your family. Sometimes change it with walk more and take a walk around the block or on your treadmill.But if you busy your can do a exercise with walk the stairs at work.

For a goods results, the best is try to stop smoking. Smoking can increase a ability to get 40 types of disease. The best think is stop it and replace it with drink more mineral water and must trust yourself. Another things is you can handle your stress with always think a positive ways, try to calm, try to love yourself, get a enough to sleep, get a friend to express a problem, do your hobbies and this way can help you to get a healthy lifestyle. It start with yourself not from others people.

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