Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My diet..

In this semester I aim to be a slim person because I very jelous when I see some girls that has a beautiful body like Rihanna of course..I think since in primary school I have a problem about my weigh..I little bit fat I think because when I was in school some my friend call me"tedybear".. Actually I hate this, when they call me "tedybear" but I just smile even though I annoyed them..Sometimes I very shy to make a friends with them..Now,I want to be a slim because next year my old friends told me,they wants to make a reunion..I like all wrong to joinned because they all sure to curse me..So confused...Now, for the lunch I just eat rise once in the day and for the dinner I and my roomate just eat some eat biscuit..Sometimes,I think this is funny because I will angry to my roomate when she ask me to go the dinner..For this week I think 2 week left I never take a dinner.. First, of course I feel very hungry but I still stong with my diet..He.he.. But yesterday I back my home and my mum was to cook my favourite dish..Finally,I lost with my I was eat and eat again but I never told to my roomate because I think when she know she must to chatter me..Never mind..I has give time for weight to back the normal...I think among 3 months maybe I can lost 1 or 2kg..He..he..I can do it because Earliest time when I was in PLKN I can lost 5kg in 3 months but in PLKN I was to do many extrem activity compared to activity in college..I jus twalk to the class and go back to hostel and also go to sleep..He..he.. I hope I can lost 1 or 2kg in 3 months..I can do it..I hope so..

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misz_A said...

ohhh come on...your body is ok, you do not need to diet,just exercise more


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