Thursday, May 22, 2008

poem again....

Not Yet The Long Sleep
by John LeClare

Glittering dark,
Before my eyes, closed
Everything I see, shadowed
In roaring silence
I hear
A feather
Soundless, a brush
My lovers touch
Bitter, life's bile
Sweet, love's taste
Shadows of tomorrow
Darken the path of yesterday
What was will not be
What is, stands
Before my eyes, open
My life
Meaning with me:
I think this poem is little bit has to do with me because that night before I was sleeping I always
thing about my life..I always alone and lonely at the night..When my room became dark and my roomate already sleep I always think about me..About love..About friends..About my family...Although my room a dark but I can see my life and sometimes I can see what happen to me today.. Sometimes, what had happen have a lot of advantages or disadvantages to me..
Tomorrow when I wake up I can felling a new feeling at me.. I can get a spirit to keep going in my life to succes...

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