Thursday, May 8, 2008

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I'm talking about love?? He..he.. Actually I dosen't have experion to be in love with any guys.But sometime I have a secret admire.Before this in secondry school I have a secret admire but not to falling in love with him.Just for fun.But I have the problem.I have a good friend and I know him since from form one.My name a little bit same with him and from this we so close.But lately he say to me outright that he love me.I'm so suprise.I don't know to say to him.But he said he falling in love with me since seven years ago.Owh..He always call me and always ask about my answer and I said I and he just a friend.I never have a felling love with him..Just a friend.He cannot accept and he give a little time for me thinking about this.Now I very confused and I to ask my friend.They all said.. Up to you(me)..But sometime I jelous with some my friend because they have a boyfriend but me not yet anymore..They all always going out together.. So jelous..I so confused.. But sometime he always call me..He take care to me..He nice.He know about me and my family but I don'tknow about his family.I want try to ask my mother but i shy.I don't know how to start and don't know how to tell about love or some guys with my mum.. SO scary..I don't think my mum agree if I couple with other guy because now I in study..My mum said I must study seriously and must to get high result.But I has to plainly with him.I cannot accept his love and I have say I must to done my study.. Sorry...So confused and this is my first time I have threatened about love..

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