Thursday, May 22, 2008


My Friend
by Sammy Lane Sharp

We all need someone
To talk to in our life
A friend to whom we run
In times of stress or strife
A friend who's always there
Throughout the years,
A friend we know will care
And take away our fears.

A friend who's always near,
Waiting for our call,
To wipe away our tears,
And lift us when we fall.

A loving friend indeed,
On whom we can depend
To fulfill our every need
Thank you, precious friend

Meaning by me:

I think all people must have friends because if I have a problem I can share my problem at my friends..With friends I can talk anything I want like my life,social life,love and anything else..

Sometimes friends is always there to support me for my life..They all give me advices to support me when I sad..Friends always care about me.. When I fears they all give me something to calm me..

When I came home,sometimes I boring I can call all my friends or chat with them and they never fed up with me although they all busy...For my friends I dedicate this poem for you all.. I hope you all appreciate this..I LOVE YOU ALL...

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