Thursday, May 8, 2008

Huhh..My result..!

Hmmm..This my first blog and this week is the beginning a new short semester.But I don't happy because my result is going down.I to shocked when I see my result.Manysubject is going down.For programming subject I get C.I think last semester I not well study for this subject.I don't know why?For test I never past.Same with my friends.For assigment I had been submitted.I think the lecturer.This subject he cannot give the quiz.I don't understand what he teaching me.Huhh..I hope he don't know what i say..But for TMR I feel dissappointed because I think I can get A or B for this subject.I think I do very wellfor quiz,test and assignment and I never skip the class.But when final I really down and the result I get C.So long as I never get C for TMK or TMR subject.But is my mistake because last semester I doesn't pay attention in class.He..he...Never mind.This semester I must study seriously.

For class in this semester I have two subject.This is ENG263 and TMK264.But the time isto long in class.Sometime I to feel sleepy and boring.But my others friend always bring some candyfor me.For Subject ENG263 all student have to write blog.For me blog is same like my diary but have adifference based on system.Blog use the online and technology but diary just to write in some book or paper.

I don't know to write for my blog.For me is to hard because I must write in English.So long as I write in Bahasa Melayu.But I try because in Semester Two I left my jurnal although I think my English not to perfect.He..he.. sometime when read I think my jurnal like creation form primary school students and notcreation from collage student.So shy.He..he..

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