Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy mother's day...

Happy mother's day..
Yesterday,I'm so excited to wish my mum Happy mother's day.I just give her a kiss because I not with the time to buy her gift..I'm sorry mum but I think when the daugther give the kiss with sincereI certainly my mum is very touched.I know because I saw my mum is flooded.Huh..huh..Never mind.But I yearned to wish Happy mother's day to natural mother but I don't know how..I call my natural motheris "Mak"..My adopted mother(ibu) always remember me to wish her..But I to be shy for calling her..But I just give her message..Actually,many my friends said I very lucky because I have two mothers and two fathers.But the past I always confused why I have two family..I'm luck because "ibu" have to clarify why I have two family..Mum dosen't have children and her take me..So she to take care me since I baby.. My grandmother said her take me when I was 24days and take me until now.. Now I 20 years old..Huh..So long..Thank you so much ibu because you take care me and you still take me like your really daugther..I'm so respect it..I love you mum..She never feel angry with me although I is very naughty.. You are the great mum for me..You are very sporting mother in the world.. But for "mak" thank you so much because to give birth me..Although you was give me to ibu for take me I never mind because I know you have a reason why you doing it.. Without you all I don't know what happen to me..You all always give me love and take care about study to me..Thanks a lot and I promise tosuccess in my study and my future and to two my mum I love you always...Muawwwhhh..

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