Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Funniest Moments

This time I want to shared my incidents that be funiest moments in my life. I still remember that incidient happen while I in PLKN. In PLKN many activities already I did. For example flying fox, abselling, kembara halangan, kayak and many activities. One day in PLKN my instructor give the oder to did the Kembara Halangan activities. Actually I really hate to do this activities because everytime I did I must to fail in 'mongkey trap' and I was moist. I never to success when I did the monkey trap and my friend always to tease me. I still remember that day this activities did with the boys group. After done this activities all the trainee must to go the hall. In the time, I so tired because my heel is ill. I going to the hall alone because my friend was going first. Suddenly, I saw that someone like my friend and I guees he my friend. I just keep going and walk to meet him. But suddenly I was fall and I right through to embrace him. I was shock because I embrace some guys. Actually I guess he is the girl but no. He is the guy. I really so shy. All the people look at me. I guess him is my friend because in PLKN wear the same clothes and that guy ask me why me embrace him. I just say sorry with him because I so shy and walk to the hall so fast. I hear all the people to laugh at me. At the night when I stay in the room, all of them still laugh at me because they said I cannot to different that boys and girls. I just said I see them same because we wear a same clothes. In the last day in PLKN I meet him and I just to say hi and we laugh together. But now when I remember that incidents I still shy and laugh alone because I cannot expect I was embrace some guy.

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