Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I never have any exprience that landslide happens. But from my information I know about it through my opinion and I just wacthing in televisyen. Nowadays, that hot issues now is Landslide. Many people outside talking about it. Many people awakening that through incident at Bukit Antarabangsa. That happends at December 2008 occured about 4a.m and which burried about 14 bungalows. That incident was killing 5 people were Shaiful Khas Shahrudin, 20, Dr N. Yogeswari, 40, and Eng Yee Peng, 30, an Indonesian maid identified as Surinah and an unidentified man. Beside that the 14 people injured in the incident has been first aid first before being sent to hospital in ambulances.Eight of the 14 affected bungalows were in Taman Bukit Utama and the other six in Taman Bukit Mewah. Is is serious happend in this year after landslide which hit bungalow in Ulu Yam Perdana, Gombak. Form my opinion the landslide happends through a many factors from natural phenomenon or from human activities. That movement is from high area to low area that to attend steep slope cause from reaction of gravity attraction. From a natural cause thats factors through groundwater,loss or absence of vertical vegetative structure, soil nutrients, and soil sturcture.From the human activities that the vibrations from machinery or traffic and the activities of earthwork which alters the shape of a shape. My discover I know that have many types of landslide. That is Debris flow, Earth flow, Debris avalanche, Sturzstrom, Shallow landslide and Deep-seated landslide. Until now never people have can find trend of throughs to handle that issues. All people just easy to talk but for handle it they never to do it. Form my opinion nowadays all people just thingking about money and the never care about that earth..

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