Thursday, February 19, 2009


Nurin Jazlin Jazimin
Sharlinie Mohd Nasar

I know everybody knows that two little girls.They is a victim with child abduction in this country. Nurin Jazlin was died when she suddenly lost with a few days. All people was shocked about that incident. Until now we don't know who that's became a secret leader with that murder. Maybe Sharlinie can got that same fate with Nurin Jazlin because until now never know where Sharline lost.

Why this incident happened? Maybe from that parents or the society? In that case many people to oppose with that parents because many parents never to care about the safety with their children. The factor that happend a child abduction when the parents always to disregard for their child alone without caring from their parents. Then the parents to let their children to stay home alone without caring from some adult because many parents nowadays busy to work and they to consider while that children can cary that himself.

For that, the society must have take a some good started with to teach our children to make sure our children not alone when they go out to playing with friends. Make sure the parents know who our children friend's. Teach our children never to talk with someone never know or never to take some things from them. For parents must knows that time when their children go or back from school and make sure the parents must know who take our children. That important the parents must take care about children and never to careless with their children. We don't to easy to believe someone that to new know.

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