Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Favourite Past Time..

I really like when I have a my past time because I can do anything I want. I think when I take home I really have my past time. My favourite past time is I like to reading novel. During my semester break I make sure to buy many novel for me fill my past time. I like to read novel when midnight because I can more feel that story. I can't stop reading until the story finish because I want to know what happen that ending of story. Sometimes when I reading novel I don't care about my eating because I to conscientiously it. My favourite novel is "Setia Menanti" and I remember that I only finish it one night then I so sentimental when I read it. I so touched.Beside that, I like to cook. I always to try a new recipe.Sometimes I like to bake cake and I so happy when my family eating what I cook. But, now I not have my past time because I was busy for my class,assignment,quiz and test. But, I still to find my past time. Every weekend, I like to hang out with my friends. I like to karaoke together. We make sure to sing we favourite song that is "Tiga Malam Tanpa Bintang".We like crazy when sing this song. He..He.. Beside that after we finish karaoke we always to watch movie together. We always watch at Teruntum or Megamall. Sometimes we watch two movie in one day. After that I like to shopping with them. I like to buy anything about make up. Even I have many lip gloss I still bought it. So I like to hang out with my friend because I cant reliase my tension and sometimes I cant make a joke with them. We can change some opinion and information. Ohh.. I really miss my past time..

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